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3 Ways to Complete CE Requirements

3 Ways to Complete CE Requirements

There are 3 ways you complete your Continuing Education Requirements with Brewer Insurance School.

  1. Distance Learning/Webinar where you may interact in person with an instructor via Zoom technology. No Test Required to earn your CE hours. However, you will need to submit an affidavit with the proper codes words, which are provided during the class, within 2 hours of completing the Distance Learning/Webinar
  2. Live Classroom where you interact in person with an instructor at one of our classroom locations*. No Test Required to earn your CE hours.*Live classroom where you interact in person with an instructor at one of our classroom locations*. Payment is required upfront.
  3. On-Line Course to be taken at your convenience. A Test is Required.

You can register for courses online at BrewerInsuranceSchool.com. If we can be of any assistance in registering, please give us a call, 803.772.0684.

CE Requirement Procedure:

The South Carolina Department of Insurance now uses the NAIC’s State Based Systems (“SBS”).

As a result of moving to the SBS to maintain your licensing and continuing education records the Department of Insurance Business Rules have been updated. One such rule is that you must complete all of your continuing education requirements prior to completing your renewal application. You can no longer renew your license unless you have completed all of your continuing education requirements. Do not wait until the last week of your renewal month to take all of your CE as this may result in license lapsing.

We recommend the following sequence of activities in order to avoid any problems with your license renewal.

  1. Obtain your CE Transcript to know your current status at State Based Systems
  2. All licensed resident producers must meet the following requirements biennially by the end of their birth month:

    a. Complete 24 hours of continuing education.

    b. Three (3) hours must be in Ethics; eight (8) hours must be in each line of authority; remaining five (5) hours may be in any line of authority.

    c. No extensions granted.
  3.  Complete an online producer renewal application by visiting NIPR.com.
  4.  Individuals renewing through NIPR must pay a $5 renewal transaction fee in addition to the $25 renewal fee.
  5. Update your email address on file at State Based Systems.

Failure to comply with Continuing Education requirements and/or renew your license by the last day of your birth month on an even/odd year basis will cause your producer license to lapse. If your license lapses, you cannot conduct any business of insurance. If you have an agency or broker license, they will likewise lapse and remain lapsed until your producer license is renewed, and reinstated.

Visit Brewer Insurance School online for step-by-step instructions on completing these steps. NOTE: Up to 18 CE hours in excess of the CE compliance period may be carried over and applied to the next compliance period.

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