• Life, Accident and Health Classroom - Pre-Licensing
       - Larry
    • Excellent job, Larry is a wealth of knowledge and explained the subject very well.
    • Very good class
    • Very informative and well presented.
    • Much more professional than other schools I've used.
    • Larry is Great!
    • Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable
    • Larry was excellent! Informative and knowledgeable! I have attended "Mary Brewer School" and class for over 14 years

  • Continuing Education Classroom - Ethics
       - John
    • Great Job!
    • Excellent - could not have been better
    • Very professional course
    • Great instructor - he has a gift for teaching
    • Excellent course - very open and fun

  • Life, Accident and Health
       - Bev
    • Great Class
    • Great Energy! Bev - you are great and know your stuff!
    • This was one of the best classes I have ever taken. Great Instructor.

  • Continuing Education Classroom& - Long Term Care Partnership: Update and Current Trends
       - Larry
    • Very good instructor - asset to Brewer Insurance Information Service
    • Very enjoyable - repeat customer

  • Life, Accident and Health Pre-licensing Classroom
       - John
    • Very friendly and knowledgeable.
    • Drew great example on the board
    • I thoroughly benefited from the class.
    • Excellent instructor, always willing to answer questions.
    • Loved it, very good.

  • Continuing Education Classroom - Ethics
       - Larry
    • Larry is an excellent instructor - you need to make sure you keep him.
    • I have used you as my sole CE source
    • Excellent - Kept class awake, interesting, knowledgeable and informative
    • Great Job!
    • Most interesting Ethics class I've taken.
    • Very interesting class. Great Information

  • Life, Accident and Health Pre-Licensing Classroom
       - Walt
    • Great Class, flawless instruction.
    • He was a great teacher! Really enjoyed the class and he was extremely helpful!
    • Great instructor, good learning environment.
    • Outstanding examples
    • Walt is the man. Outstanding Instructor!

  • Property, Casualty, Surety and Marine Pre-Licensing Classroom
       - Walt
    • Excellent, memorable examples - very helpful
    • The extra study materials provided were extremely helpful. Excellent course and instructor.
    • Knows the whole book - very knowledgeable
    • Very impressed with the knowledge of the materials
    • Walt made the class very interesting - thank you.

How do I get started?

Starting a new career can be tough, but if the career you want is in insurance, Brewer Insurance Information Service makes it easy. We offer state-of-the-art insurance education at affordable prices. We do not take short cuts or teach to the test. We teach you the concepts so that it does not matter how a question is asked on the exam, you will be able to arrive at the correct answer.
If you're just getting started, the first thing you will need is your insurance license. Visit Pre-licensing Avenue to choose a course and get started down the path to your insurance career.
If you're looking to get your continuing education credits, check out Continuing Ed. Boulevard to see what credit you will need and register for the required classes.
If you already know what you're looking for, click here to see our complete class calendar. Or click the postcard to the right to download our quarterly calendar.
Brewer Insurance School
Monthly Continuing Education (CE) Classes

As many of you know by now, Continuing Education is back to the Biennial Compliance period for everyone and your Compliance Deadline is determined by your birth month based on the year you were born in. If you were born in an even year your Compliance Deadline is the last the day of your birth month in the even numbered years. If you were born in an odd year your Compliance Deadline is the last day of your birth month in the odd numbered years. In order to be fully Compliant everyone must complete 24 hours of Continuing Education Credit with 8 hours in your licensed line(s), 3 hours in ethics and the remainder in any category (P&C, LA&H or Ethics),  pay your $25.00 Biennial License Renewal Fee to the SC Department of Insurance, and pay your $15.00 CE Recordkeeping fee to Prometric.  Please be aware that if you successfully completed an approved CE course, you may not repeat the course (same course number) and receive certification credit within 2 years of its original completion date.
Our History

After serving 15 years as Executive Vice President of the South Carolina Association of Life Underwriters, Mary Brewer recognized a need for an insurance training school in the state. She established Brewer Insurance Information Services in 1981. It was the first school of its kind in South Carolina...
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When Mary retired she asked her daughter-in-law, long-time instructor Lynn Brewer, to take over the company. Lynn, a certified public teacher, joined forces with H. Franklin Seeby, Jr. to purchase the business and continue the school's tradition of providing high-quality insurance education.

Instructors at Brewer Insurance Information Service have a tremendous amount of insurance experience because they were have taught and/or worked in the field for many, many years. Frank Seeby, Walt West, John Young, Larry Mayfield and Beverly Graves comprise the talented teaching staff.

Lynn Brewer, President, says that Brewer Insurance Information Service students are people from all walks of life who are seeking a new profession or expanding their credentials in an existing one. "It is relatively inexpensive to start a new career or move ahead in your current one with Brewer Insurance Information Services," she says. "The people who succeed in our classes are motivated, dedicated, and goal-oriented."

Frank Seeby, Vice President, says that what separates Brewer Insurance Information Service from its competition is its exclusive focus on insurance. "Insurance education is our only business," he says. "We are a pre-licensing insurance education sponsor, and we are approved by the South Carolina Department of Insurance."

Brewer Insurance Information Service offers insurance education from the mountains to the shore, with classes in Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and Myrtle Beach. The South Carolina Department of Insurance has approved its Life, Accident and Health, Property and Casualty, and Adjusters courses for a variety of settings:

  • Various classroom locations once a month
  • Two and one-half day Adjusters classes on a monthly basis
  • Internet and home study courses
  • For those with busy schedules, Brewer Insurance Information Service offers Internet and correspondence courses. This gives people an alternative to the classroom. Students can choose their location and set their own schedules simply by logging into class through the Internet.
Brewer Insurance Information Service also offers The Home Study Program for Property and Casualty, as well as Life, Accident and Health. This program uses the same textbook and exam simulation software as the four-day class. Students are responsible for teaching themselves the material and by passing the Simulated Exam provided in the package with a minimum score of 70 percent, the student should feel comfortable they are ready to take the State Exam. Brewer Insurance Information Service also offers classes to companies, agencies, and groups. These are done on a contract basis and can be arranged by contacting the school. Seeby says that jobs are currently available in the insurance market, and the earning potential in this industry is virtually unlimited. "It depends on the salesperson. I have heard of people with six-figure salaries," he says. "It just matters how motivated and driven a person is to succeed."
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