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Starting with Brewer Insurance School, visit the buildings in sequence, and follow the instructions that appear below, to follow our Prelicensing Avenue to your insurance career.

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Brewer Insurance Information Service

Schedule a class with Brewer Insurance Information Service

Brewer Insurance Information Service offers three ways to complete your class preparation; we have live classes, online classes, and we sell at home course preparation materials. Below, you can learn the advantages of each, and decide what is right for you. Also, note that we offer a unique conversion privilege. This means that if you get started on one of our Correspondence or On-Line Courses and you find that "life got in the way," we offer a conversion to the traditional classroom. The only cost to you is the difference in what you paid and the cost of the Traditional Classroom Tuition.

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Traditional Classroom

The traditional classroom is the fastest way to your insurance career.
Once you register for a class, go ahead and set up your exam date for the following weekend. That way you can take our class, during the week, pass your exam over the weekend, and start selling insurance the following week.

Click below to see our full Pre-licensing calendar and register for a class.

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By Correspondence

Correspondence Pre-Licensing Education is for the self-motivated person.
If you can read a book and immediately understand well enough to pass an exam without any outside help, this is the right fit for you.

The link below will redirect you to an affiliated site that supplies our at-home correspondence prelicensing material.

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Online Courses

Online courses have different benefits depending on the package you choose.

When you select and pay for the Online course of your choice, within minutes you will receive an email with your User Name and Access Code included. These are your keys to immediate access to the OnLine material and you may begin at will.

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Take Your Licensing Exam with PSI Testing

Take the Exam

This link will direct you to the PSI Testing site, where you can schedule your exam. Select Government/State Licensing Agencies as your Organization, South Carolina as your Jurisdiction, SC Insurance as your Account, then select your desired Classification and hit continue. Enter your zip code or city to search testing center locations. Once you have selected a location log in to schedule your exam. Click here.

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Brewer Insurance Information Service

Apply for your License

After attending your class, acquiring either your SLED Background Check or your Fingerprints with Identogo and after you have passed the state exam, you now need to apply for your license with the South Carolina Department of Insurance. You can accomplish this by clicking on the SCDOI Application Page  to apply for your South Carolina Insurance License.

Please be aware your insurance license number will be printed on the Application Confirmation that is provided after you pay your application fee. You will need to write this number on your Identogo sales receipt and email the Identogo sales receipt to agentmail@doi.sc.gov or fax it 803-737-6100.

Remember, once the license is issued to you, you will need to go the South Carolina Department of Insurance website by using this link to
"Print your License".

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Producers Background Check

Brewer Insurance Information Service | Get Fingerprinted

Get fingerprinted with IdentoGO

Effective January 1, 2017, South Carolina insurance law requires all resident producer licensee applicants to submit fingerprints and background checks upon application for a new license or prior to the renewal of their current license. Fingerprints will be submitted directly to the Department by the vendor generally within 24 hours. Failure to comply with the fingerprinting requirement is a violation of the South Carolina insurance laws and could result in the denial of licensure. Additionally, violations of the South Carolina insurance law are subject to the penalties set forth in Code sections 38-43-100 and 38-2-10 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. Visit identogo.com to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting.

Fingerprinting does not have to be done every two years, it is a one-time requirement AND everyone has to be fingerprinted again even if they have already been fingerprinted for CWP or any other reason.

Please be sure to write your insurance license number on your Identogo sales receipt and email the sales receipt to agentmail@doi.sc.gov or fax it to 803-737-6100.

For more information from the South Carolina Department of Insurance, visit www.doi.sc.gov/fingerprinting.

Adjusters Background Check

Brewer Insurance Information Service | SLED Background Check

Get your Background Check

Next, if you are applying for a Property and Casualty Claims Adjuster license you need to get your SLED Background Check. The link will open a new tab, taking you to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division site where you can apply for your criminal background check.

IMPORTANT: Before you click on the SLED Background Check above, be aware you will be asked if you want this task performed during the Application Process on the SCDOI website when you apply for your insurance license. We strongly suggest you get your SLED Background Check here. By doing so, you will be able to review the information on the report prior to answering any questions about your background during the Application process.

However, if you use the SCDOI option to acquire your SLED Background Check you will not be able to view a copy of your report, it will be transmitted electronically to the SCDOI.