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Renewing your Insurance License is a four (4) step process.

  1. Know what you need.
  2. Earn your Required CE Credits.
  3. Pay your SC DOI License Renewal Fee.
  4. Pay your CE Administrator Recordkeeping fee to Prometric.

Click on the buildings in sequence, and follow the directions below to complete your path to becoming Continuing Education compliant.

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DOI Continuing Ed. Requirements

South Carolina Department of Insurance requires that all licensed insurance agents obtain 24 hours of Continuing Education credit for each biennial period (two years) depending on whether you were born in an Odd or an Even numbered year. Your compliance deadline is the last day of that birth month based on the Odd or Even numbered year. For example, if you were born on May 5, 1971 your CE compliance deadline would be May 31, 2013. The 24 total hours must be subdivided as follows:

  • 8 hours for each licensed line (LA&H and/or P&C)
  • 3 hours must be in Ethics
  • The remainder of hours can come from any accredited Continuing Education Course category.

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Get Your CE Course Transcript

Not sure how many hours you have left? Click here to obtain your transcript by logging in to your existing account. If you do not have an account you will be asked to create a new account with a Username and Password.

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Schedule a CE Class

If you know what classes you want to take, click here to view all course listings.

Traditional Classroom

Online Courses

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Pay License Renewal Fee

Your next step is to pay your SCDOI License Renewal Fee, which you can do online at the SCDOI website by clicking here.

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Pay Prometric Record-Keeping Fee

Your last step in the process is to pay the CE Administrator the biennial Recordkeeping Fee at Prometric site, which you can do by clicking here.