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Starting a new career can be tough, but if the career you want is in insurance, Brewer Insurance Information Service makes it easy. We offer state-of-the-art insurance education at affordable prices. We do not take short cuts, nor do we teach to the test. We teach you the concepts so that it does not matter how a question is asked on the exam, you will be able to arrive at the correct answer.

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If you're just getting started, the first thing you will need is your insurance license. Visit Pre-licensing Avenue to choose a course and get started down the path to your insurance career.

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If you are looking to get your continuing education credits, check out Continuing Education Boulevard to find out what credits you will need, and register for the required classes.

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Not sure where to begin, or have other questions? Feel free to contact us or visit our F.A.Q. page to see how Brewer Insurance Information Service can help you and your insurance career.

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Monthly Continuing Education (CE) Classes

As many of you know by now, Continuing Education is back to the Biennial Compliance period for everyone and your Compliance Deadline is determined by your birth month based on the year you were born in. If you were born in an even year your Compliance Deadline is the last the day of your birth month in the even numbered years. If you were born in an odd year your Compliance Deadline is the last day of your birth month in the odd numbered years. In order to be fully Compliant everyone must complete 24 hours of Continuing Education Credit with 8 hours in your licensed line(s), 3 hours in ethics and the remainder in any category (P&C, LA&H or Ethics) and pay your $30.00 Biennial License Renewal Fee with NIPR.com. Please be aware that if you successfully completed an approved CE course, you may not repeat the course (same course number) and receive certification credit within 2 years of its original completion date.

New Fingerprint Requirement

Effective January 1, 2017, South Carolina law requires all resident producers or licensees holding a resident producer's license to submit fingerprints and background checks upon application for a new license or prior to the renewal of their current license.

Fingerprints will be submitted directly to the Department by the vendor generally within 24 hours after the licensee has been fingerprinted. Failure to comply with the fingerprinting requirement is a violation of the South Carolina insurance laws and could result in the denial of licensure. Additionally, violations of the South Carolina insurance law are subject to the penalties set forth in Code sections 38-43-100 and 38-2-10 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. Visit identogo.com to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting.

Fingerprinting does not have to be done every two years, it is a one-time requirement at this time AND everyone has to be fingerprinted again even if they have already been fingerprinted for CWP or any other reason.

For more information from the South Carolina Department of Insurance, visit www.doi.sc.gov/fingerprinting.

What our customers are saying about...

Larry, instructor for Life, Accident and Health Classroom - Pre-Licensing
"Excellent job, Larry is a wealth of knowledge and explained the subject very well. "
"Very good class "
"Very informative and well presented. "
"Much more professional than other schools I've used. "
"Larry is Great! "
"Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable "
"Larry was excellent! Informative and knowledgeable! I have attended "Mary Brewer School" and class for over 14 years"
John, instructor for Continuing Education Classroom - Ethics
"Great Job! "
"Excellent - could not have been better "
"Very professional course "
"Great instructor - he has a gift for teaching "
"Excellent course - very open and fun"
Bev, instructor for Life, Accident and Health
"Great Class "
"Great Energy! Bev - you are great and know your stuff! "
"This was one of the best classes I have ever taken. Great Instructor."
Larry, instructor for Continuing Education Classroom& - Long Term Care Partnership: Update and Current Trends
"Very good instructor - asset to Brewer Insurance Information Service "
"Very enjoyable - repeat customer"
John, instructor for Life, Accident and Health Pre-licensing Classroom
"Very friendly and knowledgeable. "
"Drew great example on the board "
"I thoroughly benefited from the class. "
"Excellent instructor, always willing to answer questions. "
"Loved it, very good."
Larry, instructor for Continuing Education Classroom - Ethics
"Larry is an excellent instructor - you need to make sure you keep him. "
"I have used you as my sole CE source "
"Excellent - Kept class awake, interesting, knowledgeable and informative "
"Great Job! "
"Most interesting Ethics class I've taken. "
"Very interesting class. Great Information"
Walt, instructor for Life, Accident and Health Pre-Licensing Classroom
"Great Class, flawless instruction. "
"He was a great teacher! Really enjoyed the class and he was extremely helpful! "
"Great instructor, good learning environment. "
"Outstanding examples "
"Walt is the man. Outstanding Instructor!"
Walt, instructor for Property, Casualty, Surety and Marine Pre-Licensing Classroom
"Excellent, memorable examples - very helpful "
"The extra study materials provided were extremely helpful. Excellent course and instructor. "
"Knows the whole book - very knowledgeable "
"Very impressed with the knowledge of the materials "
"Walt made the class very interesting - thank you."
Brewer Insurance Information Service, instructor for Online CE Courses
"I'm a long time customer of Brewer Insurance School. "
"I just wanted to let you know that I have used Brewer's online CE courses for all of my CE for this compliance period and not only was it all very affordable, but Brewer also made it very easy with step by step instructions with links to the necessary websites to get the other fees paid as well. "
"Brewer has made this process virtually painless and stress free for me. "
"I appreciate the professionalism and the ease in which it made it possible for me to complete everything I needed to do in order to keep my insurance license current. "
"Brewer is the ONLY school I recommend for anyone entering the insurance world. "
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything! - Amber"

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